Did you know that 80% of all seafood served nationally is imported and only 2% is FDA inspected?

That means the shrimp you eat for lunch may actually be from Vietnam. The fish you select tonight may come from China. The only way to be sure your seafood is local is to ask for Outer Banks Catch by name.

Did you also know that seafood is highly seasonal?

And did you also know that seafood is highly seasonal? The Outer Banks Atlantic coast is known for our unique ecosystems that contribute to one of the most diverse, year-round offerings available. For example, every spring and summer is the time for our famous soft shell crabs – simply delicious sautéed or lightly fried. Summer also brings shrimp, mackerel and more. Fall is a great time to enjoy flounder. And winter brings oysters and sea trout. Of course, these are just a few examples of our bountiful year-round catch, download a seafood availability chart courtesy of Outer Banks Catch here and see for yourself.

A dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy.

Support the local commercial fishing industry and our working waterman by requesting Outer Banks Catch by name anytime you dine out. You’ll increase the demand for local seafood in restaurants and help strengthen our local economy.  

Courtesy of Outer Banks Catch