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9 am – 7 pm

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58129 Hwy 12, Hatteras, NC 27943
Located on Highway 12 in Hatteras Village – near Hatteras Harbor Marina.

Our Story

Family Owned

Our family has been in the commercial fishing business in Hatteras, NC since 1989. In order to insure a future in fishing for our children we started a retail market. We opened our market to add value to our products and provide a local market for our customers that do not want imported seafood.

Harbor House Seafood Market

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Selling out quicker than we can roll! If you're looking for a bunch of enchiladas, calling ahead is greatly appreciated 🙂

#harborhousehatteras #hatterasvillage #hatterasisland
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1 hour ago

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Lidia Tovar MorellaCannot wait for August - best place for seafood1 hour ago
Rita WhaleyLove these !!! ❤️❤️❤️1 hour ago
Kerry PrillamanIf you haven't tried them, you need to, one of my fav she fixes! Love The Harbor House!1 hour ago
Randy RoeI'll be there Tuesday... YUMMY!!1 hour ago
Jason BlackWe will be there next week, for 2. On the menu. Joe Shepherd will be looking for some scallops and shrimp aloso1 hour ago   ·  1
Lori LeighMy favorite! 😍😍 Marielle Webster!!!57 minutes ago
Kerry PrillamanVicki, do you ship these ?57 minutes ago
Josh BrownNicole if you're close this is the best seafood market on the OBX!53 minutes ago
Holly AgnewYum!!!! Wish I lived closer!44 minutes ago

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With the completion of 2017's Snowy Grouper quota, Prowler has targeted his efforts on Yellowfin Tuna. Come by for some beyond beautiful tuna steaks -- always wild-caught, always fresh-local.

#harborhousehatteras #obxseafood #freshlocal #hatteras
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2 days ago

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Bubby SettleBeautiful. Pretty work.2 days ago
Mike SnyderSoo amazing. We bought some a few weeks ago and made outstanding tacos. Wow2 days ago
Diane Clements GamacheGlad that we were there in April while you still had the wonderful snowy grouper - so delicious!2 days ago
Sharon J. HollabaughDang it! Missed the grouper by a few weeks! This makes me sad it's one of my favorites! See you in a few weeks, we shall see what wonderful things you have then!2 days ago
Amanda O. Pierce HackworthI'm glad we were able to get in before it was gone.. Three times! Miss y'all already! See you 2 weeks next June (if not sooner!)1 day ago

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Looking for an easy dinner? Stop by for some delicious fresh fish cakes! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Joan E. HarrisonSure do love these, Vicki!3 days ago
Mark McMillsVicki, Sarah and Katelyn love these!!3 days ago
Bob OliveSave a few til we get there in September, Vicki!!3 days ago
Erin BooherMade them with your shrimp and seafood enchiladas!!! They were delish!! Wish I had some now!!🤣3 days ago
Carolyn Jennings WhitmoreI need one!!!3 days ago
Gini SellersShane, this is what I want for dinner!!3 days ago
Tiffany J. HopkinsYummmmmm3 days ago
Jason RatliffThe shrimp and enchiladas were great tonight. Thanks again!3 days ago

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Happy Fathers Day to all you wonderful fathers! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

So glad to have Prowler back to fishing, we have been enjoying his fresh catch of fish so much! We will be cutting fish again today, stop by and check out the catch, I am sure it will please each of you! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Joan E. HarrisonI sent Mexican Family Cooking to Molly and am getting it for myself too. Fish cooked in genuine Mexican recipes is out of this world! thanks Vicki and Alana!2 weeks ago
Amanda O. Pierce HackworthWe'll be back again today 😀 THE grouper was AMAZING!2 weeks ago
Susanne HardwickWishful thing on our part2 weeks ago
Sharon J. HollabaughA little less than a month for me!! We shall see you soon! Hopefully, you will still have some Grouper coming in! Glad the Prowler is back2 weeks ago

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Finally, all maintenance is done, the bottom even got painted! Yes, Graham was out today and I will have fresh fish for our beautiful Sunday morning!
We are finally back to summer hours, 9am to 7pm! We made several seafood salads today and we are going to make fish cakes tomorrow. It feels great being back to work, now Robert gets to finish doing Hurricane Matthew repairs by himself. Sorry honey, I am next door working in the air condition.
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4 weeks ago

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Joe ShepherdVicki! See you soon!4 weeks ago
Derek BehrSee you next week!4 weeks ago   ·  1
Jason BlackWe are coming! 33 days away.4 weeks ago
David AndersonLooking forward to seeing you June 17!4 weeks ago
Erin BooherSee you next week!!! I can't wait!!!❣️4 weeks ago
Debbie Schrader SchusterThings are lookin up! ❤️4 weeks ago
Michelle Mudry LiparWe can't wait to see you guys this summer, Vicki!4 weeks ago
Cheryl Wilson KretzWill be there the 3rd week in June! Can't wait!4 weeks ago
Christy Biers HubbardYay! So happy for you Vicki! I'm sure I'll be by later to get some of your delicious seafood salad!4 weeks ago
Larry McClanahanHappy for you and us !!!4 weeks ago
Ginger LongJust arrived. See you soon!!! 😊4 weeks ago
Diane RitchieGlad to hear things are getting back to normal. We hope to see you soon.4 weeks ago

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Wow, it has been an eventful week! We have had so many things happening over the past two weeks. As everyone knows, when things happen they usually happen in threes. Well, let me tell you about my three', or should I say Graham's three.
First, he has been working on his Honda that goes on his skiff, that is almost done. Second, Graham is ready to go fish new area a little further away. Graham being such a meticulous mariner noticed one of his seals leaking a little oil, after further inspection he decides to do a little maintenance on his precious 3208 Turbo Caterpillar, brand new in 1991, which is also Graham's birth year. After pulling the engine to replace seals and hoses, he notices a few other things that he might as well replace while it is out and all apart. Captain Graham is not scared to spend big money on his baby. Well, you mechanical men out there, you know what I am talking about. One thing led to another and well folks, it has been going on two weeks and working on three before completion. We are waiting on one more part, which should be here by Monday or Tuesday. Has to be original Caterpillar, nothing else will do for the Captain!
Good things come to those who do good maintenance. I must say this, I have a shout out to one of our dearest friends, for the last 28 years, Mr. Larry Jones, Legendary Caterpillar Mechanic of Little Washington, has been the only mechanic to work on that 3208, this time was a very, very, very, very rare moment! Not only has Larry Jones taken care of our Caterpillar, he took great care of us as commercial fishermen needing to get back in the water, as it was our only source of income in those days, fishing was always on a hot bite and filling the boats, it made a good and honest living. Larry watched Captain Graham grow from a baby to an awesome fisherman of today. This time when Larry did the tune up on the Prowler boat, he knew that Graham owes the boat all to himself, an apprentice of the F/V Prowler for 20 years, doing all the mate stuff, cleaning, cutting bait, fishing, helping dad do daily maintenance, so as he learned he also earned, he never complained not once, always said yes sir, what next? Larry has taken Graham under his wing and is personally educating him on rebuilding a 3208 Turbo Caterpillar, one of the best engines they ever built. Thank you Larry for teaching Graham how to repair that wonderful piece of equipment, a true vintage engine now for sure.
Well the third one, is Graham purchased a Dodge Truck with a Cummin's engine in it, so he would have something tough, he always wanted to take a closer look a the Cummin Engines a little closer. Well, he took his Caterpillar put it in the back of that Dodge, went to start it and it would not start. So, he had to go find a trailer, find Jack have him come over lift it off the back of the Dodge put it on the trailer and hauled it over by truck to Larry. Well, Mitch came a little later, had to put a chain on the Dodge to pull it up on his flatbed car hauler and off it goes, it is still not back as well, it left the same day. Well, folks, I must say, I am still blessed. One, the engine never blew up, that would have cost double of what he has spent and also would have screwed up the engine, never, never drive it to extinction! Do your maintenance, good lesson to be knowing! Maintenance, maintenance, and more maintenance. And don't forget to log every maintenance no matter how small, date it as well with procedures. You should see Graham's ships logs, you would be amazed. And what a great opportunity bestowed on Captain Graham by Larry Jones showing his how to do it, he said he was amazing in detail and grasping every thing like a computer in his brain. We will be getting some more awesome fish from Captain Graham very soon! Thank you to everyone for being so patient with all of us here at Harbor House Seafood as we have also been very short handed. We also like many of us here are still suffering from Hurricane Matthew, it may not look like it on the surface, we as a village, are very good at making things look good. But underneath, we are all very vulnerable to our elements, most times, things are sunny and great, but other times are very emotional and stressful. Many lost their homes and had to move due to loss of work, which has caused a shortage of employees for our local businesses. Please and thank you for being patience as you visit all establishments, remember we had a very hard Fall due to Hurricane Hermine and Hurricane Matthew. I guess I just finally felt like venting, all of this and I still did not get to say all I wanted. I will leave you with this, I LOVE ALL OF YOU! Everyone that comes in my store to support us! Vicki
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1 month ago

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Erica Ropp BickelCan't wait to come see you in August!1 month ago
Joan E. HarrisonSince Graham is a very special grandson to me, I really enjoyed reading of his accomplishments. We're all proud of him! He has chosen a very hard way of life. But I know he loves it. Congratulations on what you're doing to deal with the problems Graham.1 month ago   ·  2
Lori Helms ComptonSo much to be proud of and thankful for! We'll see you soon - vacation in 10 days 🙂1 month ago
Candice Hudson McDonaldAwww! So glad you vented! We think the world of your family and love visiting Harbor House Seafood. You are simply amazing.1 month ago
Jennifer Weis SaundersCan't wait to see you in September, Vicki! What a true inspiration you and your family have been to everyone!1 month ago
Lauren HobelBe down to see you in a few days Vicki! Erin Booher will be down in a couple weeks. Can't wait for you to hook us up with awesome fresh seafood!1 month ago
Jennifer OliveHang in there Vicki and family! Graham is taking good care of Prowler so she'll run for many more years.1 month ago
Cori WoolfWish we were there to support you. Please know we are praying for you and think of you SO often! ❤️1 month ago
Brenda Suits PotterHoping you will be open Memorial Day weekend.1 month ago
Brenda Dennis FlippinDon't know when we will get there but Keith wants you to save him some blue line tile (?).1 month ago
Lynda Dallimonti Huston💞1 month ago
Mahonie WillisMy dad just bought a drop net boat with a 3208 original from 92. Still purring1 month ago

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We will be open today from 3:00 - 6:00 pm, sorry for the amended hours! ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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Brenda Dennis FlippinDon't know when we will get down there but Keith wants you to save him some blue line tile (?)1 month ago

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Fresh local seafood caught by our own boats!