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58129 Hwy 12, Hatteras, NC 27943
Located on Highway 12 in Hatteras Village – near Hatteras Harbor Marina.

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Family Owned

Our family has been in the commercial fishing business in Hatteras, NC since 1989. In order to insure a future in fishing for our children we started a retail market. We opened our market to add value to our products and provide a local market for our customers that do not want imported seafood.

Harbor House Seafood Market

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I plan on being open for Thanksgiving week. Let me know if there is anything special that I can make for you if you are planning a trip to the Banks for the Holiday. Any special things I need to order for you must be ordered by noon on Monday, call me early with your Thanksgiving needs. (252) 986-2039. Vicki ... See MoreSee Less


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Planning a trip next week a tropical snapper or grouper?

Happy Veterans Day to all our great men & women for protecting our country! It is great to be an American in this great country! ... See MoreSee Less

Wow! What a 10th season this was! We had so many adventures during this La Nina summer. Let me count the ones, or should I say hiccups!
We got going late due to those nasty hurricanes from the previous year, Irmine & Matthew. It took us 7 1/2 months to do just the repairs inside the shop and the house repairs put on hold for after this season is over. Our next little hiccup was the power outage cut by the bridge crew, unexpected accident caused everybody to leave. Then the nasty little Hurricane Maria caused everybody to have to leave because of the vulnerability of roads. Would the roads be there the next morning or not, thank goodness they were and held up like a champ!
So, all these adventures have got us up to this far. I was hoping to stay open all the way through the end of the month. But now, at this time, I will be closing until the week before Thanksgiving. If you called me prior to this, I am still here and you can call me on the phone. I will do my best to fill your needs while you are here, however, the flag's and open signs will not show us being open, so you must call me on the phone. We plan on reopening the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We will be open Tuesday and Wednesday, with limited hours Thanksgiving Day, Friday and to see you all off on Saturday morning with your Holiday goodies.
Remember, if you are here now, just call me on the phone.
Thanks, Vicki
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It is my first thanksgiving in ages there. Have you decided on what is available yet for Thanksgiving week?

Thanks for all you do for your customers, Vicki! We adore you!

We’ll see you sometime during Thanksgiving weekend!

Phew! I panicked until I read that you will be open during Thanksgiving week. Thank you.

Thank you and your family for all you do to make our stays delicious. I hope you and your family are able to end 2017 on a peace filled quiet note. Find a moment to enjoy part of the seasons with your family. Our love to you and yours.

Thanks for filling me in on the adventures, Vicki! You're all so wonderful in the way you cope with them! All is well here, although the weather is really screwed up. Luckily, it's been more summery than wintery, which is the better of the two ways it could be. Not normal though, which is scary. Love to all!

Coming down in a week.

Hang in there, Miss Vicki. We are always routing for you!

Vicki, the enchiladas and chimichangas were out of this world delicious Friday night!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!!!! The bean salad was wonderful!!!!!! We enjoyed every bite!!!!!!! ❤️

We will be down the week following, but have your number 😉

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This morning we were woke up with the horrible news of the Las Vegas incident! Our prayers are going out to everyone! It is so hard to understand why someone would do such a thing. I am so sad today and still reeling from all the hurricane activity over the past couple of months. xoxoxo V ... See MoreSee Less


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Our prayers and thoughts are with all the survivors, hurricanes, tragic events like the shootings, difficult to understand, no one journeys alone.

Praying for their families....

Hurricane Harvey, how devastating you have been! Keeping all my family and friends in our prayers! Words can not even begin to describe how horrible this storm was, I am still in shock. After going through so many hurricanes over the years here on the Outer Banks, I realize that I am thankful for our narrow Barrier Reef. ... See MoreSee Less


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Continued prayer for all that have been effected by such devastation

Praying all those storms stay away from OBX. We'll see you this fall.

Now watching Irma closely! If all goes well, we'll be in Hatteras village next weekend. ☀️

What's the prediction for Irma?

We're thinking of your family in Texas, Vicky. Saying prayers and giving where we can.

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It is time to put all this power outage stuff in the past and look forward, because the power is back on! YES, back on and our visitors will be coming back. We will be getting lots of fresh seafood goodies on Friday afternoon and I am so excited to have our guest's back to the beach soon. Be sure to stop in, I know I will have some of your favorites. And guess what, I am well rested after this break, you could say I have my second wind to carry me through, so let's chow down on some awesome local seafood and party at the beach like the OBX'ers that you all are! xoxox V ... See MoreSee Less


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you always were a glass half full kind of gal! I hope you get lots of customers!

So very happy that your visitors will return tomorrow! Can't wait to see you in September.

Sending my guests for some awesome shrimp.

Happy for everyone there !!!❤️❤️❤️

Oh how I miss you and your wonderful food!!!!😩😩😩😩 Maybe next year..... ☹️

So happy for you! I sure could use some of your tuna salad!

OMG!!! I am so happy!!! I have been glued to this situation.

Soo happy to hear that! See you in September! 😄🍽🍻

We'll see you the week of Aug 19

We are anxious to get back to the OBX in October. Can't wait to stop for a visit and get some of your delicious fresh seafood. Love your positive attitude, Vickie.

So glad to hear you are up and running! See you in September! Dale and Deb Shenk

We have been thinking of you and your family this past week. Can't wait to stop in a few times this coming week.

You sound as excited as a kid on Christmas eve. 😁

Thank you Vicki! I made it from power out to evacuation well fed and with ice! 😘

Can't wait to see you . Will be down on the 19th

Be there a week from tomorrow. Can't wait to see you and purchase some great seafood.

See you soon

This is great news! We are coming in Sunday- can't wait to get some of your amazing seafood!

So happy that the island is open for business again!!! See you September 16!


So glad your power is back on and you can move forward.

we will be back in a few weeks; for a few weeks 🙂

As always you have the best seafood ever. And that make our vacation the best time while there!

Pam Melissa

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Not seeing much traffic in this perfect storm so we have closed the shop early. If you are in town looking for seafood please give us a call and we will be happy to assist! ... See MoreSee Less


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Enjoy a break and let us know if you need an Adalee and Raylee fix! Xoxo


Fingers still crossed for our vacation next week! Harbor House is always a big part of our traditions!

Dayum! Hated to evac with one week left! The king mackerel & shrimp were awesome!! You're the best!

Jim Sulayman

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4 months ago

Harbor House Seafood Market

The power going out doesn't stop fishing! We are still open so stop by for some fresh NC Shrimp to continue your beach vacation at home!

The News & Observer out of Raleigh has done a killer job covering the power outage on the OBX, check out this link for the full article.


The News & Observer
There was never any doubt that Harbor House Seafood Market would stay open after power went out on Hatteras Island, NC. At least until mandatory evacuations were ordered. See link in Comments for latest news.
... See MoreSee Less

The News & Observer


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Our favorite place to get seafood!!!

Hang in there Vicki!!! This is why we ALWAYS come back to you guys!!!

Sending thoughts and prayers for all who call Hatteras Home. You have had more than your fair share of challenges in the past few years.

Vicki you and all are simply incredible!!!!! Hugs

Miss Vickie, your in our thoughts and prayers!! <3

Oh gosh. You are really being tested. Hang in! See you in September!

Love you Vicki...Keep up the great work! ❤️

That's so awesome Vickie! Hopefully your positive spirit is contagious.

We all love Vicki! Always the best fish and the best service. ❤️

We are praying for your family and your business, Vicki Harrison! Thanks for making this week yummy and sunshiny. <3 (We decided to leave Friday evening before the evacuation order even came out. We were to Rodanthe by the time it was released; and we are so thankful that we got out early.) See you next year (unless we can squeeze in a visit before then!) The Richerts love you!!!!!!!

Love you guys hoping it gets better soon!!!!

Ok, enough for you guys already!! You are the best!! Hang in there!! See you again soon in Sept!

Hoping to see you in September! Little Ms. Hatteras can't wait to see you! She turned two in March.

We absolutely LoVe their seafood! Xoxo from the Buckeye State.positive thoughts sent your way.

We miss you Vicki Harrison! Def be there next summer!

You are the best Ms. Vickie!

💞crab càkè's & càjün shrïmp 🍤, yümmÿ !! wïsh's fòr ür powèr tö gèt bàck asàp

Love you Vickie. Always so positive. Hope things get better soon.

Tomorrow is seafood Sunday featuring scallops and shrimp from Harbor House!! We are hoping it sends good vibes towards the beach and this repair 😉!! Stay positive!!

Hang in there Vicki Harrison! We're thinking of you all! Praying the electric cable is fixed soon!

Y'all are amazing 💗

We love Harbor House and Vicki...she is the best!

Praying things get better soon! You have dealt with one thing after the other, but with your positive attitude this too shall pass. Hatteras strong!

I'm not a bit surprised that you're open......nothing closes your door! See you in the fall Vicky and family!

You're such a "trooper" Miss Vickie! Stay well and carry on! We LOVE you all! Hatteras never quits!!! Hank & Rita

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